Apollo software

The purpose of our proprietary WD Apollo software is to lower cost and risk related to well decommissioning at front-end stage. Users can swiftly generate and review decommissioning project plans and results in software, including time and cost. Both at concept and detail level P&A designs and work plans can now be created within hours instead of months. Optimisation and what-if assessments during P&A planning and at tenders becomes highly consistent, fast and easy.

WD Apollo is intuitive to use and available directly to clients as SaaS. For many years our team of analysts and experts have used the very same tool. The powerful software tool offers our clients to instantly digitalise their well decommissioning delivery processes at concept design, detail design and during execution stages. Prepare and deliver well decommissioning in a consistent, efficient and productive manner: from executive insights up to 100+ page work instructions. Ask WellDecommissioned how your organisation can also benefit from this collaborative tool, and make well decommissioning much more straightforward and affordable.

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