Collaborate with us to make removal of Oil & Gas assets a commodity.

WellDecommissioned is an independent and innovative service provider offering valuable insight to oil & gas operators by providing comprehensive execution plans for the re-use and decommissioning of oil & gas assets. The company also acts as an intermediate by initiating and facilitating campaigns across multiple operators, where execution is by focused consortia.


WellDecommissioned has a growing client base which consists of oil companies and specialised service companies.


Our experienced specialists work with our unique models and software to enable fast-track decision making and to achieve cost effective execution.

Our vision is to return the land & sea back to future generations to fully enjoy. We believe successful decommissioning at affordable cost stimulates the return of concessions back to society, timely.


Land and sea become available for new development, e.g. for agriculture, nature or urbanisation. Some assets may be repurposed to support renewable energy or fishery initiatives. - All rights reserved.